Watch Touching Moment a Blind Mom Receives 3D Print of Her Son’s Ultrasound

A blind woman who went in for an ultrasound received the most precious gift in the form of a 3D print of her son’s 3D ultrasound. Tatiana was not born blind but lost her vision at around age 17. Nevertheless, like most blind people, she was able to hone her other senses so that she can “see” using her fingers.

For this blind mother, your usual 3D ultrasound is somewhat “useless” because she could not really see this with her own eyes but she has to rely on what the doctor tells her about the physical features of her son. So, Huggies Brazil partnered with the doctor to provide her with a 3D print of the ultrasound.

It is amazing what technology was able to achieve for this mother and her child. Within just a few minutes, Tatiana was given the 3D print of her unborn son. She cried tears of joy as she caressed that one “photo” she would surely never forget. Like most expectant mothers, she could now see her unborn child’s face using the 3D ultrasound but hers is more special compared with the others because the print was more lifelike.

Watch this touching video here:

3D Printing in the Medical Field

3D printing is steadily growing to be one of the medical field’s most useful inventions so far. Thanks to this technology, it is now easier to prepare stuff like artificial limbs or other things that needed to be specifically created for one individual or for a specific purpose.

Several people are now sporting legs or arms created using 3D printing technology while a number of pets have also been fitted with artificial front paws or hind legs, too.

Still, Tatiana is one of the few lucky enough to receive a 3D print for the sole purpose of allowing her to “see” her child, not to complete a missing body part. It would have been greater if 3D printers could give her eyes but since that is not possible yet, the 3D print of her son’s ultrasound is the best she could receive for the meantime.