Watch: Toddler Miraculously Survives being Hit by a Delivery Van

A shocking CCTV clips was released by the Daily Mirror; uploaded on YouTube, the video shows a toddler being run over by a huge delivery truck.

Apparently, the truck driver did not notice the small child running in the driveway. It was not clear whether the driver had any relation to the child, but he quickly stopped the vehicle to check on the toddler.

The delivery truck blocked the camera, so the child was no longer visible but it appears that he was not hurt by the incident.

People could be seen passing by the delivery truck without even glancing at the scene of the accident. Also, a short while later, the driver of the delivery van started the vehicle and left – he was not seen carrying the child inside the van.

It’s amazing how the frail child was able to survive the hit from this huge vehicle.

Watch the video to see for yourself how big a miracle it was: