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Watch: Man in Foiled Rape Attempt Crawls on the Ground after Jumping from Window

broken legs man

Still carrying the large knife he used to scare a woman he attempted to rape, a man was videotaped trying to crawl on the ground after he broke his two legs when he jumped of the window unto the concrete.

Posted on Live Leak, the video shows the man writhing in pain yet still attempting to getaway while a woman continued to scold him while also warning passersby to stay away from the man because he still holds the large knife in his hands.

broken legs man

When the woman lost her phone at a local store, she was glad to hear a man answer it and tell her he would return it. Innocently providing him her home address, he instead arrived with a knife and attempted to rape her. Thankfully, her sister arrived and foiled the rape attempt.

In panic, the man jumped out the window, breaking his legs in the process. The angry women followed him, videotaping his excruciating progress on the ground.


Doctors Argue In The Operating Room, Tragically Killing A New Born Baby




Baby Image

Human life is very precious, it can be taken away from us in a second if it is really our time. But if one life could be saved by the hands of another person, wouldn’t it be better if it got saved?

That was not the case in a video from India that has gone viral. A baby’s life was cut short when it could have been saved.

In the chilling video that has gone viral, two doctors appear to be arguing. The two doctors were anesthetist Dr. ML Tak and gynecologist Dr. Ashok Neniwal.

Baby 1

According to Elite Readers, the incident happened at the Umaid Hospital in Jodhpur, India where a woman was rushed in the operating for an emergency cesarean section.

The woman had problems during her labor and had to have a cesarean section to save both the baby and the mother’s life.

Baby 2

But during the time when both the lives of the mother and baby were in the hands of the medical team, they chose to fight over something that prevented them from administering the emergency.

As a result, the baby died of severe birth asphyxia, which is a condition where the body’s vital organs like the brain are not able to get enough oxygen.

Baby 3

It is still unknown if the argument caused the baby’s death, but it is clear that the argument prolonged the operation which should have been done immediately.

The two doctors in question have been suspended from their job at the hospital, as the Indian government is starting a probe on the matter. According to the Rajasthan health minister, if the doctors are proven guilty, then proper actions will be taken.

When asked about it, one of the doctors Dr. ML Tak said that the other doctor was trying to stop him from administering anesthesia on the child.

“The other doctor was arguing with me while I was trying to administer anesthesia to the child. I was trying to save its life. I have raised the issue with the principal.”

It is still unclear what really happened, and if the death was really caused by the argument. The only thing that is clear is that a baby tragically lost its life when it could have been avoided without any arguments and such.

Watch the video that was taken by a concerned medic.

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Malay Prime Minister Caught Snoozing During The PH President’s Speech At The ASEAN SUmmit




PM Malaysia

At one point or another in our lives, we have done something that can be a cause of embarrassment to us or to our companions.

An example of this is falling asleep while commuting and accidentally laying your head on the shoulder of the person beside you. No matter how embarrassed you feel, when you go down that vehicle, everything will be forgotten.

But what happened to this country leader won’t be forgotten anytime soon. His embarrassing moment was caught on television, while he was with all other leaders.

This happened to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak during the 31st ASEAN Summit that was held in Manila in the second week of November 2017.

PM Malaysia 1

As the host country’s President Rodrigo Duterte is delivering his opening speech, the camera panned to the exhausted PM Razak. During that time, he was seated beside the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand.

The incident happened while PM Razak was seated in seats along the red carpet while Duterte was giving his speech. Among the other leaders in the audience were United States President Donald Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

PM Malaysia 2

As Duterte ended his speech, the country leaders burst into a round of applause. This woke PM Razak as he clapped his hands as if he heard everything from the speech.

Smooth move PM Razak.

The PM’s short nap quickly became viral when a local Malay news portal shared it. It had garnered mixed reactions from Malaysian people.

Some netizens think that since he is representing his country, he should have acted accordingly and did not fall asleep.

Other netizens, however, understood that it is hard to be a Prime Minister and noted that he just may be exhausted during that time.

Here is the video:

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A Person with Down Syndrome Earns Countless Awards and College Degree




“There is no greater disability in the society than the inability to see a person more.” – Robert M. Hensel

Some children are born different and with developmental disabilities but that doesn’t mean they become less of a person. We have to look at them beyond their imperfections in order for us to see the other part of them that is innately beautiful.

This is the story of a girl named Brina Kei M. Maxino who was born with Down syndrome. At  9 days old, her parents were told by a doctor that she will not live long enough for having a severe case of that chromosomal disorder. When she reached 10 years old, her parents were told by a psychiatrist that she cannot finish grade school because of her serious intellectual disability but Brina proved them all wrong.

Photo : Brina Maxino/Facebook

Brina was able to excel in her studies in a regular school.  In fact, she graduated as valedictorian in her elementary years. When she turned 16, she gave another valedictory speech for being at the top of her high school class.  At  17, she earned a one-year certificate in General Clerical Services and had a 2-year Certificate in Association in Arts at 18.

Photo : Brina Maxino/Facebook

Now that she’s 20, Brina graduated from CAP College Foundation, Inc. last May, 2017  with a four-year degree in Bachelor of Arts, Major in History. She was also given special awards and awards of distinction  for her exemplary performances and participation which gave honor not only to herself but also to her family, school and the whole country as well.

Some of the recognition accorded to her was for being the Global Ambassador for Global Youth Activation Summit in South Korea last 2013 and being elected as Co-Chair of the 2015 Social Impact Summit for the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.  Brina  was also chosen to deliver a speech before former US President Barack Obama in White House at Washington, D.C. at a dinner for the Special Olympics.

Photo : Brina Maxino/Facebook

Brina said that she was able to achieve all of her recognition because she really worked hard and the inspiration given to her by those people who believed in her and helped her to be able to achieve her dreams.

Brina  called upon parents, relatives, teachers, therapists and doctors of Persons With Disability (PWD), or those with intellectual disability, like her, to continue believing in them and extending their help to them. She said that people like her also deserve the chance to live the best lives that they could.  She also encouraged her fellow PWDs to continue reaching for their dreams because she believes they can all do it!

As of this writing, Brina continuously receives invitations from different schools and universities as their resource and inspirational speaker.

My this story inspire not only those people with Down syndrome but most specially encourage the parents who have children with disabilities to never give up as they embrace their children’s individuality because there is always beauty in being different.

What is Down syndrome?

Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder caused by an error in cell division that results in an extra 21st chromosome. The condition leads to impairments in both cognitive ability and physical growth that range from mild to moderate developmental disabilities.

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