Watch Incredible Moment Woman Gives Birth to 10-lb Baby Inside the Car

When Lesia and Jonathon Pettijohn had their two older children, they arrived at the hospital too early for the births that when it was time for their third child to be born, they decided to wait a little longer before heading off to the hospital.

After driving for about 45 minutes, Lesia told Jonathan that she feels the baby is going to go out anytime soon. True to her prediction, within 5 minutes, the baby was out!

What was incredible is that this baby actually weighed 10 lbs! With most babies weighing 6 to 7 lbs, this certainly was a large angel yet Lesia delivered the child so smoothly that it was out after just a few pushes! I was amazed while watching the video as the couple continued to appear cool about everything considering they had just delivered a child inside their car!

They did continue to the hospital for post-natal care but they certainly saved a huge sum of money by giving birth in the car! Of course, we don’t recommend that you try that but it certainly was a huge money-saver for the couple. Lesia is such a strong woman. Mind you, delivering a 10-pound baby naturally, within just a few minutes, in the car (!!!) is not easy feat! She’s incredible!

You can watch the amazing moment caught on camera by the proud dad here:

Births Outside a Medical Facility

Although most women prefer giving birth in the hospital, birthing center, or any medical facility, there have still been a number of reported cases of moms giving birth to their babies in the unconventional places.

For example, Lesia is not the first one to have given birth in a car. There have also been reports of babies being born in other forms of transportation (airplanes, trains, etc.), comfort rooms, and even in the street!

This simply shows that, obviously, babies arrive to this world at their own schedule – and would not wait for his/her mom to arrive at the hospital.

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