Watch How An Adrenaline Junkie Misses His Target When He Catapulted From A Building Top Floor

Part of tourism is to bring majorly extreme sports to the big cities in order to attract foreigners. These sports include flowriding, extreme skiing, bungee jumping and even bodyboarding. Adrenaline is addicting, which is why people love it so much and would spend thousands of dollars for such an exciting experience.

There is science to explain the love for death-defying activities, which sports enthusiasts are thankful for. They make money inventing new arts and different ways for people to enjoy the thrill. But the real question is: are any of these sports activities safe?

While many people are addicted to the rush, a lot are still fearful for their lives. One single mistake could lead to a cold corpse in a while. Will risking a bountiful life worth the jump? Probably not!

A video has recently made it to the list of trending topics when a group of men from the Middle East took the term ‘extreme’ to the next level.

Catapult 1


The group set up a huge open-air slingshot from a tall building’s rooftop and tied a man to the projectile pocket. The goal was a big net in the next building, but the man, unfortunately, missed it!

Catapult 2


He was heard screaming from mid-air. He had no parachute or any other equipment that would have saved his life. The crew was captured to be in shock, so they run for help.

The post gained almost 9 million views and more than 166,000 shares on Facebook.

Read what the netizens had to say in the comments:

Shahmeer Mariappan shared, Actually they were aiming for the next building… in case you wondered…. he had time to change in mid-air….”

But another commented and said the video was “nonsense”. And some, like this certain Chris White, said it’s fake.

There is nothing wrong about trying new things, but prioritizing safety should always be on top of everything. We do hope that the video is part of a movie of some sort and is actually fake!

Watch the video below: