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WATCH: Hilarious Viral Video of Dogs Who Stopped Fighting When the Gate is Opened

dog fight

In life, many of us learn that there comes a time when it is important to pick your battles – because some are really not worth your time, effort, and heartache. And this is probably something the dogs in the following video realized.

At first, a group of dogs could be seen growling and fighting against one dog outside the property. Just by watching the video, one could easily deduce that the gate was the only barrier that was preventing these dogs from tearing each other apart!

Their gnarls and snarls were so fierce that I certainly wouldn’t want to be that person who would try to stop the fight and break them apart. Thanks for gate, things aren’t escalating to madness – or is it really the case?

dog fight
Screenshot from video by NTD Television / Facebook

As the video continued, the dogs could still be seen aggressively fighting each other. My heart stopped when the gate slowly opened. Is the owner crazy? Does he want an all-out fight among these dogs! My heart sank as the gate continued to open…

But while I was expecting the dogs to come charging at each other at the slight chance of going across the barrier, the opposite actually happened! It seemed that their territories were marked by that gate because once it was open, the fight was also finished! Not finished as in they all died but finished as in they stopped fighting!

I don’t really know if I should laugh or cry but it was definitely a relief to see them stop fighting. Whew!

What do you think of this video?

What is a Barrier?

A barrier is anything that prevents movement or access. This can be a physical object such as a gate, a railing, or a barricade but it can also be something intangible, such as a language barrier wherein proper communication is prevented because the people involved do not know a common language.


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Adorable Puppy Nearly Makes a Back Flip While Excitedly Eating His Dinner




Puppies get excited so easily and love to play even while eating that many owners find themselves needing a new pair of shoes or slippers because their new babies have chewed on the items while feeling the urge to have some fun.

But one puppy has gained much popularity on social media after he was seen nearly making a back flip while excitedly eating his dinner. Awwwww. Isn’t that adorable?

This adorable little pup is identified as a Boston terrier, quite possibly just a few weeks (or days?) old. While eating what appears to be his rather unappealing food, the puppy was actually feeling so excited about it that it would soon appear the lower part of his body was beginning to defy the laws of gravity.

Could it be that the food he was eating was really just going into his head, literally, causing him to lose balance?

Photo credit: 2xfantasychamp / YouTube

Well, the best explanation would really be that he was just too excited about it that his muscles just had to stretch out and he’s actually making a handstand as a trick but because he was eating, the rest of his body didn’t exactly coordinate well and cooperate with that his mind was trying to think about – or that’s what we would like to think, anyway.

We’re quite sure this adorable pup had some serious explanation as to what it was trying to do but he’s too busy eating to answer your questions. LOL.

Check out his cute little back flip in this video. Have your pups done something like this, too?

What is a Boston Terrier?

A Boston terrier is a small breed of dog that originated in the United States. It is often classified as a ‘toy dog’ breed and ranks as the 21st most popular breed in 2016, as reported by the American Kennel Club.

The breed is typically friendly and happy-go-lucky, truly perfect as a pet even for families with small kids.

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Mom Thinks Of A Genius Way To Entertain Her Baby While Doing Her Chores




Roomba Image

Babies are such a joy to have. A home becomes brighter and lovelier whenever there is a new baby. The brightness they bring is because of a lot of reasons, it may be because of their smiles, or the way they babble.

Most of the time, though, it is because of the funny and cute things they do. Just like this little tike who found a way to help her mom juggle her multitasking. Ideas Fun shares this adorable story.

This smart toddler’s mom owns a Roomba, it is a robotic vacuum that is designed to zoom across the floor going under furniture and other fixtures to clean daily dust. Along with the daily specks of dust comes loose pet hair, crumbs, and other little dirt that may be harmful to babies when eaten.

Roomba 1

Apparently, along with the Roomba, comes the baby! Yes, this baby’s mom found a genius way to entertain her baby while doing her daily chores.

Roomba 2

Just look how this baby seems to be enjoying being carried and swept on the floor by the Roomba.

Roomba 3

The baby did not even wince when it seemed that they were about to bump the wall.

Roomba 4

Just watch them go on the floor. This baby is going to grow up smart, that’s for sure.

Watch the adorable video below:

What is Roomba?

Roomba was made to help people with the never-ending cleaning tasks. It is designed to clean everyday dirt that is prone to building up when not taken care of.

Dirt like pet hair, crumbs, dirt, and daily dust are Roomba’s targets. It is a circular robotic vacuum that glides through the floor. It has sensors that allow it to move away from walls and furniture legs.

It also has a sensor to know the edge of the stairs so it can change direction before it falls. And best of all, it apparently is a good tool to entertain your toddler, too!

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Blues Toddler-Singer Melts Hearts As He Belts Out With Baby Talk




Luca Image

Music is very important in our lives, even to kids. Music gives a variety of advantages for small children. On top of developing their processing mentally, it can also help improve memory, improve with peers socially, encourage creativity and provide a great way for children to express themselves.

Just like what this cute little toddler did. Luca is a two-year-old music lover. You’ll see why we call him music lover.

Luca 1

Luca’s love for music especially blues is unlike any other. The moment the daddy hands over the mic and a harmonica, you’ll have no doubt that Luca is born to be in the music scene.

Luca 2

While the daddy was strumming his guitar, Luca gives it everything he got. His adorable baby speaks and the way he belts it out will surely melt your heart. Thank God the daddy was ready with his camera to capture this adorable moment.

Luca 3

Giving the performance an added spice using the harmonica, you can see how the two are enjoying their performance. Clutching his harmonica, Luca gave it a shot and made people smile more.

Luca 4

It is very clear, with just by looking at Luca’s expression and entire performance, that it is just a matter of time until we see him performing with the bests. I mean, just look at how he is enjoying the performance, not only does he have a superb stage presence and rhythm, but he also got his moves.

Ideasfun believe that this toddler has a space in the music world someday.

Watch the video below:

What is the Blues music genre?

In the music scene, blues is used to coin the music form that originated from the African Americans in the Deep South of the US. The genre paved its way out in the music industry from roots in African American work songs, African American traditions, folk music, spirituals, field hollers, and shouts.

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