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WATCH: “Greedy” Chinese Tourists Use Plates to Scoop Prawn at a Thai Buffet

A popular seafood consumed worldwide, shrimp or prawn seem to be a favorite food ordered in restaurants. In fact, it is one of the foods that easily gets consumed in an “eat-all-you-can” restaurant.

Several Chinese tourists, who obviously love shrimps, were caught using their plates to hoard prawns at a buffet restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A video of the incident was posted online and quickly earned the ire of netizens.


One of the female tourists was caught stuffing four plates with the seafood as others clamber on each other to hoard the shrimp. Unfortunately, the group of seemingly hungry but greedy diners took more than they could chew as piles of plates of shrimps were left untouched. Photos of the wasted food were shared on the Twitter account of People’s Daily China.

While some commenters claimed that such strange behavior is commonly observed in a buffet restaurant in China, others insisted that not all Chinese behave in such manner.

“It is so humiliating! Not all Chinese people act this way. I have to say that most of the mainland Chinese no longer behave like this,” one commenter wrote.

Shanghaiist reports that the shocking behavior of the tourists in the video was caused by the expensive price of shrimp in China. Apparently, one customer was charged 2,700 yuan or a little over $ 400 for a plate of prawns in a restaurant in Qingdao in China.

Watch the video.

Men Banned from Buffet Restaurant for Eating Too Much

A former rugby player and his friend were banned from eating at an eat-all-you-can restaurant in Brighton in England for eating too much food.

George Dalmon and Andy Miles each consumed five bowls of stir-fry during their regular meals at the restaurant.

According to the manager of the restaurant, the pair was eating him out of the business. They managed to tolerate the behavior of the two customers for two years but decided to put an end to it.

“They are in such a hurry to beat everyone to the food they spoil everything. We are supposed to be a buffet but they eat everything out of the bowls before people can get there. We just can’t keep doing this,” the manager told THE TELEGRAPH. 


What can you Say?


Gorgeous Popcorn Vendor from Pampanga Goes Viral




It is a reality in life that beautiful people get noticed more easily than what we might call as ‘ordinary’ ones; this is the reason why you might notice that those working in service-oriented fields such as hotel front desk, restaurant servers, and flight attendants are usually those who have good looks and nice bodies.

Some companies even prefer to hire people who do look good – and such actually work in their favor; although blatantly announcing that could mean a discrimination lawsuit. Ooops. But it worked for that store that hired a busty babe in skimpy outfit in Taiwan!

Photo credit: Keren Kazia Bondad Casa / Facebook

Recently, in Mabalacat, Pampanga, a beautiful young lady went viral for selling popcorn. A lot of people just couldn’t believe that someone so beautiful as her would ‘just’ be selling popcorn – but, hey! Who said popcorn vendors should be ugly, huh?

Anyway, netizen Keren Kazia Bondad Casa shared photos of the lovely popcorn girl and the post went viral. A lot of people praised this young lady for being humble and not being maarte (snobbish) despite her natural beauty.

Photo credit: Keren Kazia Bondad Casa / Facebook

But things were actually much, much more awesome than what Keren had first posted. The beautiful lady was identified as Louri Caye who laughed at the news that she had gone viral. It turned out she was not actually a real popcorn vendor and didn’t even own the stall but had wanted to help its vendor after seeing the young kid was not getting attention from passers-by.

Photo credit: Keren Kazia Bondad Casa / Facebook

Thinking it would help the kid earn money, Louri volunteered to help sell the popcorn – and her plan worked! As soon as she started selling, the stall suddenly became the most popular spot in the area. It helped a lot that the friendly Louri had a smile ready for all the customers. Needless to say, the popcorns sold like hotcakes that night.

Photo credit: Keren Kazia Bondad Casa / Facebook

We greatly admire this young lady, not just for her looks but for her kind heart… God bless you!

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Friends ‘Ride’ Invisible Car to Order Food at Jollibee Drive Thru




A number of fast food outlets have a drive thru for the convenience of those who just want to order a quick takeout meal. The premise of ordering via the drive thru is that you have a vehicle.

What happens if you don’t have a vehicle but the lines at the counter inside the store are too long and the drive thru window has fewer customers?

Photo credit: Dave Calma / Facebook

Well, a group of friends had this rather genius idea of ‘riding’ an invisible car so they can order food at the Jollibee drive thru because the queues inside the store were long.

Laughing at their own crazy antics, the group positioned themselves in a manner that people would normally take if they were riding a car. They were standing, of course, but the designated ‘driver’ made sure to drive them carefully towards the important stops at the drive through – and he didn’t forget to ‘release the hand brake’ before moving forward to the counter.

Photo credit: Dave Calma / Facebook

It was really so hilarious to see these guys ‘riding’ their invisible car that the crew at the counter couldn’t help but laugh. They’re so crazy, right? LOL. But the crew played along, accepting the guys’ orders, still laughing at their silliness.

Photo credit: Dave Calma / Facebook

After their order was taken, the group continued towards the claim area without breaking their position. The crew at this counter also laughed at the guys, even gamely giving the ‘driver’ a fist bump.

They continued towards the exit in the same position, Giving each other high fives, knowing they got their way and were able to order much faster than the customers inside the store. Clever trick, isn’t it?

Photo credit: Dave Calma / Facebook

But the guys did not just trick the Jollibee crew, they had also become famous on Facebook. Less than 24 hours after the video was posted, the video has garnered close to 1 million views!

Check it out here:

Teknik pag mahaba ang pila sa Jollibee kelangan mo ng INVISIBLE CAR

Posted by Dave Calma on Monday, 23 April 2018

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Osaka Takoyaki Seller Cosplays To Grab Customers’ Attention – Makes Sales Go Sky High




Cosplayer Image

Food stalls in Japan have such a huge market and the competition is not a joke. It is tight, especially in Osaka, one of the busiest cities in Japan.

Japan is the place to be for food lovers. There are so many food options and all of them look and taste so good. Tourists are attracted to their products because of their cute presentation and of course, good taste quality.

Osaka, Japan is where many tourists head to. There are so many food stalls along the streets, making the city very colorful and lively. Everybody just wants to pay for some good food experience.

But unknown to many, a lot of businesses suffer due to the lack of exposure.


What should a good businesswoman do to stand out?

Business owners do so many creative things to attract more customers. This helps their businesses increase their sales and profits. But not all are lucky to excel in the food business in Osaka.


So, this female Takoyaki business owner, Yukio, took an initiative to level up her business! She used her charm and of course, her natural takoyaki slipping skills.

Osaka is home to anime lovers. And because of this, Yukio changes up her look while flipping Takoyaki in her food stall called Goonies. This magnetizes people to watch her and eventually buy some of her good Goonies.


Her cosplay attracted customers and soon enough, her sales became so much bigger! A video of her flipping her takoyaki wearing a costume became hot on the internet and gained 1.9 million views on social media.

The short video clip became viral as it has been shared thousands of times. Who could not resist such a cute seller, right?

Almost everything that Japan sells is picturesque and of good quality. There is no reason not to travel there and find such worth items to try!

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