WATCH: Gorilla Motions to See a New Photo on iPhone

Like humans, a gorilla named Jelani seems interested in gadgets particularly the iPhone.

In an incredible moment captured on video, the gorilla living in Louisville Zoo in Kentucky was caught staring at the iPhone held by a man sitting on the other side of the safety glass. The ape watches as the man holds his smartphone against the window and scrolls through photographs.

Interestingly, the enormous primate bends its head slightly to look on the phone then looks away once it has seen the image. Based on the animal’s humanlike reaction, the gorilla seems to be signalling the man to show him a new photo.

Towards the end of the video, the man was seen leaning against the wall alongside the glass. Incredibly, the gorilla does the same thing from the other side.

Paul Ross, the  viral video uploader told The Daily Mail UK: “I stumbled upon the boy sharing pictures with Jelani touring the zoo with my one-year-old daughter.  The boy was scrolling through gorilla pictures, and Jelani would motion with his hand to move to the next photo. Both seemed to really enjoy sharing the experience.”

Ross later on confirmed with zookeepers that Jelani indeed enjoys looking at photos on visitors’ phones.

In case you’re wondering, the man showed images of a human posing with an ape.

Watch the video below.

What is a Gorilla?

Described by the WWF as intelligent, charismatic, and endangered, gorillas are the closest living relatives of humans after chimpanzees and bonobos.

Located in the tropical and subtropical subforests in Centra Africa, gorillas are known for their gentle humanlike behavior.

Gorillas are considered the largest living primates with males weighing up to 200kg and females around half the male’s size. When standing on two feet, gorillas can reach a height of 1.2 to 1.7 meters.