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WATCH: Furious Car Driver Kills Cyclist in Road Rage Shooting in Quiapo, Manila

MANILA, Philippines- A simple traffic fight ended in tragedy after a car driver shot a cyclist in Quiapo, Manila on Monday, July 25. Mark Vincent Garalde, the 35-year-old victim, died after the driver of a red Hyundai Eon shot him four times.

According to a report by GMA News, the fight between the victim and the unidentified shooter began after the car hit the bicycle along P. Casal Street. A CCTV footage of the incident shows the driver, who was still inside his car, arguing with Garalde.

PHOTO CREDIT: Top Gear Philippines

A few moments later, the driver was seen leaving his car and getting into a fistfight with Garalde. Eventually, the fistfight ended and the driver was seen returning to his car. However, after another brief argument with Garalde while he was inside the car, the driver decided to go down and shoot the cyclist.

Investigators noted that the driver fired three more shots at Garalde even after the victim went down. Moreover, an 18-year-old student identified as Rosell Bondoc was hit by a stray bullet from the driver’s gun. She is currently recuperating at the Mary Chiles General Hospital.

The police are hunting down the suspect who will be facing possible murder and  frustrated homicide charges.

Top Gear Philippines said on its Facebook page that it has already asked Hyundai Philippines to help trace the identity of the driver of the Eon vehicle based on the conduction plate. Meanwhile, the Manila Police District’s (MPD) Station 3 is coordinating with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to identify the owner of the said vehicle.

Watch the video.

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