WATCH: Dad’s Dedication after Rebellious Son Runs Away and Meets Accident

Dads only want what is best for us – even if it means being strict in trying to discipline us so we would seek the right path. But teenagers do not understand this kind of love because they think dad is only trying to restrain them, take away their freedom.

In a classic example that every family must have dealt with in one form or another, one dad and his son had an altercation. But instead of listening to his father, this rebellious teen chose to run away.

To feed himself, he sought a job as a construction worker but met an accident. He almost died from the fall but survived; however, the accident had damaged his legs so badly that he is now unable to walk.

What his dad did next shows just how much a father is willing to sacrifice for his child’s welfare. Old as he is, the father carries his paralyzed son to the park and just as he did back when the teenager was still a toddler, he taught him how to walk. Day and night the dedicated dad carries his son and teaches him how to walk again…

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Father’s Day

Celebrated every third Sunday of June in many countries around the world, Father’s Day is a special occasion done in honor of fathers as well as paternal bonds, fatherhood, and recognizing the influence of fathers in society.

The first Father’s Day celebration was believed to have been inspired by the successful observance of Mother’s Day started by Anna Jarvis. Inspired by the crusade for mothers, Grace Golden Clayton launched Father’s Day two months later, on July 5, 1908, in Fairmont, West Virginia in the US.

Just as Jarvis had started Mother’s Day in honor of her recently deceased mom, Clayton also started Father’s Day in honor of her recently deceased father. This Father’s Day was a quiet event and was not as popular as the first Mother’s Day that the occasion was not officially recognized until 1910.

It was Sonora Smart Dodd who revived the celebration in Spokane, Washington after hearing a sermon about the Mother’s Day event started by Jarvis. The “first” Father’s Day was then celebrated on June 19, 1910.

As with the first attempt by Clayton to start Father’s Day, Dodd’s attempt did not immediately click with the public as well. Over the years, others also tried – and failed – to establish the occasion.

Today, several people are being credited for starting the celebration, including Harry C. Meek of Lions Clubs International being touted by the organization as the “Originator of Father’s Day” for being the “first” to think of the celebration (in 1915) and campaigning to make it an official holiday.

Still, even in 1913, the US Congress already had a bill to establish the holiday. This bill also promoted the spelling “Father’s Day” instead of Dodd’s “Fathers’ Day” used in her original petition.

Source: Wikipedia

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