Watch This Blindfolded Guy Smash Coconuts With Hammer Around A Person In 1 Minute

Making it to the Guinness World Records is a huge honor – and sometimes people have to do some really crazy things just to get included there. These two daredevils, for instance, performed a bold 1-minute act that’s equally impressive and terrifying.

Karamjit Singh and Kawaljit Singh, both from India, attempted to set the record for the “most coconuts smashed around a person while blindfolded in one minute” and it was done with a live audience.

According to the official Guinness website, this was performed in the “Guinness World Records Italian Show – a weekly video series which features the most astonishing, shocking and awe-inspiring record attempts from the seventh series of Italy’s Lo Show dei Record.”

Before proceeding with the record attempt, Kajalwit even had salt poured over his eyes and then the blindfold was secured around his face. He then used a huge hammer to “smash the coconuts placed around the incredibly-brave Karamjit’s body,” Guinness tells us.

As you can imagine, the entire audience held their breaths while the Singhs were performing the scary world record attempt.

You can watch the full video here:

In the end, the duo earned a warm applause from the crowd after they successfully completed the job. Kudos to these two brave guys but as they always say on TV – kids, don’t try this at home!

What Is The Guinness World Records?

The Guinness World Records aims to “inspire people – individuals, families, schools, teams, groups, companies and communities – of any age, in any city or country” and they say they “want that inspiration to come from reading, watching, listening to and participating in record breaking.”

To this end, the brand prides itself for being the “ultimate global authority on record breaking” which means that they will always “research, measure, document and authorize the world’s superlatives, from which we create world class products that entertain, inform and inspire people through our unique window on the world.”