VIRAL: Wife Shares Heartwarming Story about the Struggles of a Family with Busy Parents

Farmers are working hard to grow various plants so that we can have food on our tables but most of us largely take that for granted – and, sometimes, their families do to. Take for example this eye-opening story shared by a farmer’s wife.

According to Katie Spence Pugh, she got fed up with juggling a lot of things – from taking care of the kids to keeping the house clean and in order to keeping up a full-time career to having to go on trips with the kids without her husband because he’s always busy in the field.

So, she sent him a text message telling him just that, saying that it probably wouldn’t make a difference. She was quite surprised when he arrived at the house a few minutes later, said sorry that she was tired and was feeling that way, and ate his meal quietly at the kitchen table.

Their daughter went to talk with him and ate most of his meal but the big guy did not get mad. Instead, he let the child talk and eat his meal. He didn’t complain and he didn’t quarrel with his wife, despite the fact that he could have told her a lot of things and remind her that he’s physically working hard in the field. Instead, he chose to stay quiet and bear the brunt of his wife’s anger.

In so doing, he melted her heart…

She realized that even with her struggles at home, her husband also had his own struggles in the field. She also realized that she might be struggling with the kids yet she gets the chance to spend moments with them, happy or not, while her husband does not enjoy such privilege.

Knowing what a struggle it can be for a farmer’s family, she shares her story. This quickly went viral because a lot of people could also relate with the situation…

Read her full post here:

"I snapped this picture the other night at the end of a long day. I was tired. I was irritated. I had sent my husband a…

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