Viral Video Shows Maids Know Kids Better Than Moms

How much time do you spend with your children? Do you know them well enough?

Transient Workers’ Count Two (TWC2), a migrant workers group in Singapore, recently teamed up with Ogilvy & Mather, a marketing communications firm, for a video to commemorate Labor Day on May 1.

The video, which quickly captured the hearts of netizens, aimed to encourage mothers to give their maids a day off every week. According to the video, most maids in Singapore usually work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Sadly, many of them don’t get a day off.

The message is pretty clear, giving them a day off gives parents an opportunity to bond and connect with their kids.

In the “Mums and Maids” film, several mothers, kids, and their maids were asked a series of questions to check how much the mom or the maid know the child well. Surprisingly, the domestic workers seem to know the kids better than their moms.

At one point, the mom and the maid were asked what the kid wants to be when she grows up.

While the mother believes her daughter wants to become a teacher, the maid thinks she wants to be a princess.

Indeed, the maid was right. The daughter replied: “Princess.

Watch the heart-opening video of moms and maids.

Kasambahay Law in the Philippines

The “Kasambahay Law” or Domestic Workers Act officially took effect in June 2013.

The new legislation, which aims to formalise transactions between workers and employers,  gives domestic workers access to benefits such as setting a minimum wage, leave with pay, as well as coverage to insurance programs like PhilHealth and Social Security System (SSS).

Based on the law, the minimum wage for domestic workers are as follows: P2500 in NCR, P2,000 in first class municipalities and chartered cities, and P1,500 in other municipalities. In addition, the law entitles kasambahays to a 13th-month pay.

Check out the infographic made by GMA 7 to know the facts about the Kasambahay Law.

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