Viral Video Shows Ill-Tempered Groom Slapping Bride During Wedding Reception

Every woman looks forward to her wedding day as one of the highlights of her life. However, the bride in the video below had an unforgettable one – but in a terrible way.

The short footage, which eventually went viral online, shows a newly-married couple enjoying their wedding reception. The woman playfully teased her husband with a piece of cake but he reacted poorly to it.

The man lost his temper and violently slapped the bride’s hand.


Photo credit: YouTube

The video description tells us:

“It’s not just the cake that’s in tiers! Nasty groom slaps bride’s hand away as she tries to feed him a piece of wedding cake. Couple had been wed quarter of an hour when they had their first fight. She teased him as she fed him wedding cake, he didn’t see the funny side. Groom smacked her hand away in anger and both look upset as clip ends. It’s not known where it was filmed – or if the pair are still together now.”

The video quickly received over 634,000 views in just a few days after being uploaded by World News Coverage on YouTube. Unilad and many other websites immediately picked up on the story as well.

Some netizens pointed out that what happened was possibly just a “tiny little taste of what she can expect in the years to come.”

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