Viral Puzzle: Can You Spot the Panda Among the Snowmen?

There are lots of things that go viral these days – and we all have to extra careful about what we do or say or even post online because everything has the potential to go viral (and it could be quite embarrassing!). But there are also cool things or debatable items (like the blue-black or white-gold dress) that go viral.

Just a few days ago, another puzzle has gone viral. It’s not really a subject of a big debate but it got people talking about it for days, anyway. A Hungarian artist going by the handle Dudolf posted a photo on his Facebook page showing a sea of differently dressed up snowmen – and there’s a panda among them!

In a classic picture created in the “Where’s Waldo?” theme, the panda is hard to spot because the snowmen were arranged in such a way that they also appear to have black ears (but those are buttons of the other nearby snowmen’s “clothes”!

Here’s the puzzle. How fast can you spot the hidden panda? It took me 3 seconds to find it! Check it out here and tell us how fast you were able to find the cleverly hidden little panda…

There’s a panda amongst them!Can you find it?

Posted by Dudolf on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What are Puzzles?

Puzzles are things (problems, games, or toys) that test people’s knowledge or ingenuity. They come in different sizes and shapes. While many puzzles rely on pattern to make the problem harder to solve, it is also this pattern that makes it easier to solve.

Solutions to the puzzles depend on the type of puzzle the person is solving and well as other factors, such as the person’s prior knowledge to similar puzzles, experience, or even his/her level of intelligence and ingenuity.

Examples of puzzles include the Rubik’s cube, chess problems, Jigsaw puzzles, Sokoban, word puzzles, and paper-and-pencil puzzles.

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