Cute Golden Retriever Puppy Get Braces to Get His Teeth Fixed

People usually get braces to have their teeth fixed, but did you know that dogs can also take advantage of this orthodontic treatment?

Wesley, a golden retriever puppy from Michigan, was just a typical playful puppy until he had his adult teeth growing. Wesley suddenly stopped playing and refused to eat. He started losing weight and by then, his owner, Molly Moore got a little worried.

Wesley was then brought to Molly’s father Jim who was also a veterinarian. Turns out, Wesley’s teeth were not aligned which prevented him from closing his mouth properly. This also brought pain to the poor puppy. Wesley’s teeth condition is called malocclusion. It is a condition when a tooth or some teeth are not able to fit comfortably when the mouth is closed which can cause pain and discomfort.

To help Wesley get his teeth fixed, Jim put braces on his teeth to have his teeth aligned.

We don’t place braces or any oral appliances in the mouth for aesthetics. We do this for pain or function.

Jim, who is also a “doggie dentist”, doesn’t perform this procedure very often. He says that he only does this procedure about four times a year and that it helps pets with dental problems.

Fortunately, Wesley only needs to wear his braces for only a few weeks.

Watch the video here:

Pet orthodontics

While it may seem new and weird to most, pet orthodontics is actually needed for some pets (yes, even cats!) that have poorly aligned teeth. According to Veterinary Dental Center, the primary goal of veterinary orthodontic therapy is to provide a comfortable and functional bite (occlusion) for the pet.

How much does pet orthodontics cost? For dogs, it costs about $ 1,000 – 5,000 depending on the puppy’s need, according to Puppy Daily.

So, would you have your pet take advantage of this orthodontic treatment when he needs to? Leave a comment below.

Source: BuzzFeed