Viral: LET Passer Earns Flak After Boasting That Board Exam Is ‘Easy’

Manila, Philippines – A Facebook user’s recent post on social media earned a lot of negative reaction after he said that he found the Licensure Examination for Teacher (LET) to be very ‘easy.’ He also wondered why others are failing the said exam more than 3 times, calling it ‘not normal.’

As anyone can expect, the post garnered flak on Facebook as many netizens quickly expressed disapproval about the guy’s rude comments.

In his post, the man boasted he got a score of 83 even if he didn’t review much. He wrote:

“Hindi naman ako sobrang talino pero I found LET easy dahil hindi naman ako masyadong nagreview.”

let passer post 1

Photo credit: Facebook screengrab

He also said:

“Ang pinagtataka ko bakit madami ang bumabagsak hindi lang isa o dalawang ulit kundi tatlong ulit.

“Hindi ba nila nirereview napag aralan nila?

“Kasi sa opinion ko hindi na normal na bumagsak ng tatlong beses…”

He even went as far as sharing his professor’s advice who said that those who failed for more than 3 times should just take another 4-year course.

No less than Carl E. Balita, known to many as the country’s ‘ultimate reviewer’, took the opportunity to comment about the matter.

let passer post 2

Photo credit: Facebook screengrab

In a Facebook post where he shared the screen captured image of the LET passer, Mr. Balita said:

“No one can insult us without our permission!

“He is successful but it doesnt mean those who failed are not and could never be.

“The board exam is not a sole measure of being a teacher. I bet, he passed the LET but it does not necessarily make him a TEACHER. Those who failed are not nexessarily POOR TEACHER. A 300-item test (450 if with majorship) is NOT A MEASURE of a persons worth – and not a sole measure of being a TEACHER. As a professional teacher, this guy should know better.

“Btw, teachers respect people BEYOND a TEST. Even my topnotchers never say that LET is easy.


“Failure, if not fatal, makes us strong!

“Believe in that special moment when the DREAM and the DREAMER become ONE…”

How Do I Pass The LET Exams?

According to, the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) “are scheduled twice a year to cater the growing number of aspiring registered professional teachers for both elementary and secondary levels.”

The site also added:

“To pass the exam, an examinee must obtain an average rating of not less than 75% and must have no rating of lower than 50% in any of the test.

“Generally, the coverage for exam for elementary covers topics from General Education (GenEd) 40% and Professional Education (ProfEd) 60%, while in secondary level, GenEd 20%, ProfEd 40% and area of specialization 40%.”