Viral: Photo of Girl Wearing Hat of State Trooper Mommy Killed by Drunk Driver

The photo of a child wearing the hat uniform of her state trooper mother killed by a drunk driver has gone viral and is possibly on the road to become the best poster against drunk driving.

The heartbreaking snapshot features a toddler wearing a white dress and pearl baubles amid the uniform of her mother, Colorado State Patrol Trooper Jamie Jursevics. This lovely child is also wearing her mother’s hat.

There is no denying that this picture is quite adorable and would seem like any other child photography session but the truth behind this shot is heart-wrenching. It is so sad that one innocent child has to grow up in this world without her mother because some drunk driver stole her life.

According to Fox News, Jursevics was investigating an accident somewhere in south Denver last week when a drunk driver hit her. She was immediately rushed to the hospital but, sadly, succumbed to her injuries later.

Jursevics is a huge loss for the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office but the office is hoping that the heartbreaking photo of her adorable toddler would send a profound message to stop people from driving when they’ve had a few drinks.

It is quite sad that this has to happen before people take action and stop their bad driving habits but we are all hoping that no more innocent lives are affected by drunk driving accidents…

For anyone who is planning on just having a “few beers” and driving home after, look at this little girl. She will grow…

Posted by Fremont County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Law Against Drunk Driving in the Philippines

Republic Act 10586, also known as the Anti-Drunk Driving Law, has finally taken effect last March 12, 2015 but just as many of the laws in the Philippines, this is rarely implemented and many actually get away with driving under the influence.

Still, under the law, a motorist with a non-professional driver’s license proven to be driving under influence will have his/her license confiscated, will be banned from driving for 12 months, will be asked to pay P20,000, and will have his/her car impounded.

A fine anywhere from Php100,000 to Php500,000 plus jail term can be imposed for drunk drivers involved in accidents which caused injuries and/or fatalities.

As for motorist with a non-professional driver’s license, their license will be revoked immediately.