VIRAL: Blue Mold Found in McDonald’s Burger

Remember the controversial deep fried rat allegedly served at KFC in Wilmington, California?

Apparently, McDonald’s, another fast food giant, seems to be facing the same ordeal. A McDonald’s customer named Edward Porter was allegedly served a McDonald’s burger with blue mold.

When the 33-year-old account executive informed the management of McDonald’s Holborn branch about the situation, he was offered £15 in vouchers as compensation.

Disgusted by the response of McDonald’s management, he decided to post photos of the McDonald’s burger on his Facebook account and wrote: “So I was served this burger at McDonald’s in Holborn. Look at the mould on the bun…Having complained, they sent me £15 vouchers.”



I said to them that I would go viral with the pictures, so here we go….I wonder how the power of social media could affect them?” he added.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from McDonald’s said that they are currently conducting investigation on the said incident.

“As soon as we were alerted to this incident on 4 June we apologised to Mr Porter, reimbursed him, and launched a full investigation,” the spokesperson said.

DNA Test Confirms KFC Served Chicken Not Rat

Earlier this month, KFC made headlines after being accused of serving a deep fried rat instead of chicken to a customer from Watss California. The hair-raising story quickly spread like wildfire on the Internet scaring KFC customers all over the world.

Apparently, the claim of Devorise Dixon turned out to be a total lie. KFC ordered the DNA test of the controversial meat served. Results confirmed that it was indeed chicken and that the fast food chain did not serve rodent meat.

A spokesperson for KFC revealed that the company is reviewing all their options whether the company will file a case against Dixon.

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