Viral Blind Singer Joins Famous Singers in Impressive ASAP Number

Some months ago, a blind Pinay singer named Elsie Balawing went viral for her amazing voice as she effortlessly sang Whitney Houston songs,even when she does not really know how to speak English!

The young lady amazed everyone with her perfect diction and her incredible voice as she reached even the highest notes in Whitney’s songs.

Photo credit: YouTube / ABS-CBN Entertainment

Elsie hails from a small fishing village and was unable to go to school due to her condition as well as the fact that due to poverty, her parents could not afford to send her to a special school.

Yet this did not stop the young lady from enjoying something she truly loved, something that helped her pass the time: singing.

Photo credit: YouTube / ABS-CBN Entertainment

She excelled in this art and after going viral on social media, the young woman finally had the chance to perform in a real stage.Incredibly, Elsie’s first grand performance was on ASAP, together with some of today’s best local singers.

Elsie sang alongside big names in the industry: Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez–Alcasid, Queen of RnB Kyla, Pop Rock Princess Yeng Constantino, Asia’s Soul Supreme KZ Tandingan, and Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs Angeline Quinto. Perhaps Elsie is also going to soon be as famous as these ladies, earning a title for herself?

That’s really something many are looking forward to, especially because everyone was impressed that despite her disability, she was able to easily sing with these famous ladies.

Of course, others pointed out that if she could sing Whitney Houston hits as if she were the famous singer’s understudy, then it was not surprising that she could also perform well with these singers.

Watch Elsie’s performance with ASAP stars in this heartwarming video: