VIRAL:  Attractive Lady Driver Releases Her Disappointment over Traffic by Doing Something Crazy

If you’re a regular commuter in Metro Manila, then you certainly know how traffic congestion gets crazier every single day.

Most people stuck in traffic try to release their frustration by listening to music, entertaining themselves using their gadgets, or perhaps simply appreciating what the city has to offer despite worsening traffic situations. But lady driver Jan-jannie Loudette Vicencio Alipo-on opted to take the road less travelled when it comes to dealing with Manila traffic.

A former member of 24K Girls from the ABS-CBN TV show Deal or No Deal, Alipo-on certainly got her 15 seconds of fame by dancing in the middle of the street to show netizens how to creatively manage their frustrations.

Although the former suitcase girl’s “twerking” definitely didn’t solve or ease the chronic heavy metro traffic, Alipo-on’s video has taken the Internet by storm. Her viral video has amassed almost 10,000 likes and more than 3,000 shares on Facebook.

Watch this lady driver turn her beast mode on.

The Effects of Traffic Congestion

People living in a city filled with numerous commuters on the road often suffer the consequences of traffic congestion. This situation can cause a variety of problems affecting you and members of the entire community.

Here are some of the effects of traffic congestion, according to USA Today.

1. Experiencing Delays

People particularly workers who have no choice but to deal with congested roads often experience delays when going and coming home from work. As a result, they can arrive late for work or feel more exhausted upon return to their homes. Moreover, people tend to become less productive in situations like these.

2. Air Pollution and Increased Fuel Consumption

Commuters in cities with heavy traffic congestion spend more money for their fuel since traffic jams burn more fuel. Vehicles in traffic jams release higher amount of emissions contributing to air pollution.

3. Road Rage

Frustrated drivers stuck in traffic are prone to engage in senseless road rage. Such dangerous incidents are more common in areas with heavy traffic congestion.