Video Tutorial: How to Make an Igloo Using Milk Jugs

There’s a cool new way to recycle those empty milk jugs or any plastic bottles you have at home: making an igloo for you and the kids to enjoy! Who said only the Inuit can create igloos, anyway?

In a video shared by Midland Christian School in Midland, Texas, the school staff share how they made the cool igloo using over 400 bottles, a cardboard bottom, and lots of superhot glue sticks.

It does look quite time-consuming to make – and you have to first make sure that the milk bottles are very clean inside so these wouldn’t stink up your igloo – but the end result is so beautiful that kids and adults alike will surely love your creation!

Photo credit: DIY & Crafts

Photo credit: DIY & Crafts

To create the igloo, you must also have a large, strong cardboard base. You can use the box from a large appliance such as a fridge. Stack up the milk bottles with the bottom part facing outward, to create the ice-like effect. You can choose to place the covers for the bottles for a colorful effect.

As you can see in the video, they carefully glued the bottles together, then, stacked them with numbers that are gradually decreasing per row and moved slightly inwards to create the dome effect.

For the actual tutorial, check out this video:

What is an Igloo?

The igloo, as we know it, is a dome-shaped structure made of ice/snow, usually of snow blocks, but the Inuit language actually uses the term “iglu” to signify a house or dwelling made of any form of materials, including wood. For the Inuit, the term can also mean any kind of home, whether it is the dome-shaped igloo that we know or traditional houses or tents or even modern buildings!

As for the snow-house igloo, this can come in varying sizes and shapes, with the largest structures even having tunnels to connect to other rooms that serve different functions.

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