Video Showing Female Workers “Forced to Kiss Male Boss Every Morning” Sparks Controversy

A mysterious footage of female Chinese employees allegedly forced to kiss their male boss every morning has caused online uproar, but many have labeled it as “fake news”.

In the video, a man, whose age is not clear, can be seen kissing three women one after another.



According to reports, the video was reportedly taken at a brewery machine company in Tongzhou District in Beijing, China where a male boss demands his female employees to kiss him on the lips.

Apparently, the boss required his female staff to kiss him every morning in order to “foster good relationships among colleagues”. The female workers allegedly hesitated to comply to his orders but eventually gave in over fears they could lose their jobs.

The boss allegedly adapted the practice from corporate culture in the United States.

After the scandal spread like wildfire, many have labeled it as “fake news” since many staff members of the company claimed that the incident didn’t happen.

Speaking to the New York Times, one female staff of the company, who refused to give her name, said: “It’s fake news. Look yourself [gesturing around her]. Our office doesn’t look anything like the office in the video.”

Based on the investigative report by the New York Times, the “kiss the boss” scandal started out with the title “A company team-building scene: Female workers line up with the boss.” on August. The following day, the video was described as “female workers lining up to kiss the boss.” Two months later, the title had become “female workers line up to kiss the boss every day.”

Watch the video.

What is workplace harassment?

Workplace harassment refers to different types of discrimination, emotional as well as physical abuse of employees targeting various groups including  women, homosexuals, racial minorities and immigrants. Sexual harassment is a prominent form of workplace harassment.