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Video Showcasing the Importance of Filipinos in the World Goes Viral

The Philippines might be a small country compared to the others but it is still a significant part of the world. Of course, you can say that every country in the world has its own significant role but the Philippines, small as it is, has made a name for itself that other countries can’t match.

Review center owner Dr. Carl E. Balita recently shared a video showcasing the importance of Filipinos in the world – and if you’re a Filipino, it would surely make you feel proud being one.

In the clip, Balita shared that the Philippines is the biggest suppliers of nurses to the world. This also holds true for domestic helpers as well as other jobs like engineers, seafarers, and many others.

Photo credit: Carl E. Balita / Facebook

While this fact did not sit well with some netizens who believe that this is akin to encouraging Filipinos to work abroad instead of find jobs in the Philippines, we could not deny that this is the reality that many of our workers face. Right now, OFWs still earn much, much more than their local counterparts.

Of course, the Filipinos’ English skill was highlighted in the video. Despite being Asian, Filipinos treat English as a second language. This makes them a valuable worker anywhere they go – that’s why Filipinos are among the top choice in call centers.

But call center agents and professionals aren’t the only ones who know English. In fact, even drivers and vendors can speak English. This makes the country a great place to visit for tourists from all over the world because not only does the Philippines have wonderful sights to see but also people whom tourists can communicate well with.

Photo credit: Carl E. Balita / Facebook

The video also shares other highlights, including the Philippines having the world’s smallest primate as well as certain endemic animals like the Tamaraw. Plus, famous Filipinos were also mentioned as well as the fact that the Philippines has always been popular in beauty contests in the international scene.

Check out this video and feel proud to be Filipino:

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