Video of Monkey ‘Flying’ a Kite Goes Viral, Netizens Joke It’s Like ‘Planet of the Apes’

A video of a monkey ‘flying’ a kite goes viral, with netizens joking that it’s like “Planet of the Apes” or something. Do you think that’s possible, especially now that people are stuck inside their homes for an indefinite period due to the COVID-19 pandemic…

Monkey Flying a Kite?

monkey flying kite

Photo credit: @AnilMJacob25 / Twitter

In a video shared by user AnilMJacob25 on Twitter, a monkey could be seen standing on the rooftop of a building, seemingly flying a kite while standing upright like a human. With the video taken from someone on the ground, the monkey even appears to be a kid standing on the rooftop!

But judging from the shouts of the people on the ground, the monkey was doing something that really got them so excited.

Monkeys flying kites during (Covid-19) lockdown. ‘Planet of the Apes’ becoming a reality?” asked AnilMJacob25 as he shared the video on Twitter.

In the clip, the people could be heard shouting as they watched the monkey ‘flying’ the kite. It had most likely watched what the people were doing and was curious enough to try and do it himself.

But many are wondering how the monkey made the kite and learned how to fly it! Well, this might be answered in the video as the monkey appeared to be pulling the kite from the sky.

Instead of actually flying the kite, it seems that the monkey had climbed up to that rooftop to catch the string of one kite so he could take it down! But what’s impressive is that it was actually able to figure out that the string was the thing that is making the kite fly. Wow.

Check out this video:

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