Video of Man Riding a Dog-Pulled Cart Goes Viral, Sparks Debate

As cliché as it might sound, a lot of stories have proven to us that dogs are truly man’s best friend! But there are also moments when we could not help but wonder whether the owner is abusing his/her pet’s unconditional love.

Take for example this video of a man riding a makeshift cart driven by a dog. While the idea is cute and the cart looks like a mini chariot, a lot of people have commented on the said video that dogs are not horses and that these pets are friends, not slaves!

This pet owner is certainly being lauded by a number of people as being ingenious for finding a way to have a vehicle yet can this also be considered animal abuse? After all, the dog does not appear to be bothered by the run or perhaps it has been well trained to carry the cart and its passenger around.

Screenshot of video from Trending sa Pilipinas

Screenshot of video from Trending sa Pilipinas

We’re not quite sure how this man navigates busy intersections and crossings, whether the dog obeys all commands but if this was a well-trained dog, then that really is not a problem.

Now, is carrying a heavy load considered animal abuse? If the heavy load is a cart with well-oiled wheels, it wouldn’t be as hard to pull compared with sleds driven by sled dogs in arctic areas, such as in Alaska – if those dogs could do the job without animal rights activists complaining, why can’t this cart-pulling dog and its owner be left in peace? Perhaps because this was in the Philippines?

What do you think?

Sled Dogs

Sled dogs are dogs that are used to pull sleds or various form of transportation in arctic areas, hauling supplies and even people through areas that are not easily accessible by other forms of transportation.

While the use of sled dogs has been reduced to rural areas and tough spots because of the creation of various forms of transportation, there is no denying that their job is quite important to those who live in these remote areas or to explorers.

The most common sled dog breeds are the Siberian Husky, Alaskan Husky, and Greenland Dog. Other breeds used as sled dogs include the Chinook, Alaskan Malamute, Samoyed, and even non-sled dog breeds like St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, German shorthaired pointers, Labrador retrievers, Poodles, and Irish setters.

Watch this video:

Wow! galing ng Aso.. hindi lang kabayo ang pwede sa karawahe pati aso hindi papahuli.. (y)

Posted by Trending sa Pilipinas on Saturday, April 2, 2016