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Video of Nanny Getting Abused by Child Goes Viral, Receives Mixed Reactions

We’ve heard a lot of stories about nannies abusing their wards and getting kicked out for their abusive actions but rarely do we find news of kids abusing their nannies – or perhaps things like these are often hushed up?

A video on Facebook page Matalinong Matsing has recently gone viral after a young girl was seen abusing her nanny while the latter was taking care of the girl’s younger brother.

It was revealed that the video was taken somewhere in the Middle East but it is not clear whether the woman in the video is a Filipina or not. It is also unknown whether the person taking the video is another Pinay nanny but it was clear that the child is a spoiled brat who has probably done this countless times before the women decided to take a video.

Photo credit: Matalinong Matsing / Facebook

But while the video went viral, gaining close to 400k views just a few hours after it was posted on the page, it garnered mixed reactions from netizens.

A lot shared how they felt pity for the abused nanny, saying this spoiled brat needs to be disciplined by her parents or even by the nanny herself but others knew this was easier said than done. After all, this was supposedly taken in the Middle East. If the nanny does something to these kids, even if it was the child who was physically abusive, she could lose her job; worse, she could lose her life!

Photo credit: Matalinong Matsing / Facebook

But many netizens noted that the nanny seemed to be passive, just letting the child abuse her. They said that she could have gotten up for the child to stop but it could also be possible that she might have done that in the past and the child did something worse to her.

It’s sad to watch videos like this, seeing the woman getting abused but helpless to stop it or fight back…

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