Video of Kid Trying to Stop OFW Mom from Leaving Goes Viral

Being an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) might be rewarding in terms of the financial aspects your new job might bring compared with your counterparts in the Philippines but also brings other heartbreaking moments.

Aside from the loneliness that the OFWs feel in the foreign country, many also experience other family problems. Among these are infidelity of the spouse left in the Philippines, kids that become spoiled brats or even drug addicts, and things like that.

But there are also other heartbreaking aspects, including the tearful farewells they have to experience each time they fly back to the country they are working in.

Netizen Jyllan Melchor is one of those who experienced this heartbreak when she was on her way to work. Pulling along a red trolley bag, the OFW was ready to go but a crying boy ran after her and tried to wrestle the bag out of her hand in a bid to stop her from going away.

Screenshot from video by Jyllan Melchor / Facebook

The boy, later revealed to be her son, tried his best to stop his mother from getting inside the airport because he knows all too well that if she succeeds in entering that place, she would be gone again for months, possibly years!

It was a sad moment.

Although Jyllan tried her best to smile and feel amused by her son’s antics, it was easy to see that behind her amused smile is a breaking heart. Even as her son tried his best to make her stay, she also tried her best to appear happy.

Screenshot from video by Jyllan Melchor / Facebook

A number of netizens commented how she should have let her boy stay at home as it was truly heartbreaking for him to see his mom go away.

Watch the video here and tell us if you agree: