VIDEO: Isolated Tribe in Papua New Guinea Meets White Man for The First Time

A footage of the Toulambis tribe’s alleged first interaction with a white man has gone viral.

Jean-Pierre Dutilleux, the filmmaker who captured the incredible video,  claims that the tribe living in a remote area in Papua New Guinea  made its first contact with the outside world in the footage.

According to Dutilleux, the tribe had never been exposed to modern civilization or technology and had been cut off from the rest of the world. As a result, members of the tribe exhibited different reactions such as fear, anxiety, intrigue, wonder and joy during the encounter.

Although the video caught the interest of many netizens, many are not convinced by Dutilleux’ claims. Some skeptics even insisted that the video was staged.

In an article published in the Journal of Pacific History, it was alleged that the territory of the isolated tribe had been visited by at least six patrols between 1929 and 1972 disproving Dutilleux’ declaration. Thus, many have questioned the authenticity of the film.

Here’s a footage of the awesome encounter.

What is a Tribe?

A tribe is a social group composed of distinct people dependent on their land for livelihood, largely self-sufficient, and not integrated into the national society. Historically, a tribe is a group known to have existed before the development or outside of states.

Stephen Corry of Survival International defined tribal people as “those which have followed ways of life for many generations that are largely self-sufficient, and are clearly different from the mainstream and dominant society”

In 2007, Travel Channel launched Meet the Natives: UK, a reality show featuring five tribesmen from Tanna island in Vanuatu who traveled to England to participate in an experiment called reverse anthropology.

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