VIDEO: Is this the World’s Most Dangerous Hotel?

Located 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina, the Frying Pan Tower is considered as the most dangerous hotel in the world as it is surrounded by sharks, ravaged by hurricanes and can only be accessed by helicopters or boats.

A former US Coast Guard light station abandoned in the 1970s, the one-of-a-kind bed and breakfast has enough room for 8 to 12 people and offers amenities such as electricity, hot shower, a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and even WiFi. It also has a pool table and a TV in its recreation room.

Hovering 85ft above the ocean, the Frying Pan Tower is owned by Charlotte software engineer Richard Neal, who purchased the surplus station after the US Coast Guard auctioned it in 2010. With help from donors and volunteers, Neal is trying to restore the place and maintain the tower’s original look in order to give guests an authentic experience.

Aside from enjoying the fantastic view of sunrise and sunset, guests have the opportunity to dive with sharks and turtles as well as catch black sea bass, lobster or mahi-mahi.

Watch the video.

McKamey Manor: The World’s Scariest Hotel

McKamey Manor, deemed as the world’s scariest hotel, seems to come straight from the pages of a horror novel. Located in San Deigo, California, the scary hotel offers a challenge which no guest has ever completed: survive 8 hours in the facility.

A report by Mirror UK revealed that guests even have to sign a waiver before taking on the challenge.

In the past, guests had their heads forced into a cage of snakes, had either been tied or gagged and had even eaten rotten eggs to complete the challenge.

“Everything is very interactive: the experience – and challenges – are to prove what you can and can’t do,” founder Russ McKamey explained.