Video of ‘Haunted’ Airport Goes Viral, Shows Passengers in Empty Jet Bridge

An alleged ‘haunting’ in Phuket International Airport in Phuket, Thailand was supposedly captured on video last July 30 by someone who noticed people walking towards a plane – but it was made rather creepy by the fact that the jet bridge wasn’t connected to the passenger terminal! So, where did those people come from?

In the mysterious video supposedly taken at gate 206 of the said airport, the eerily lighted jet bridge showed some people walking rather fast as if they were trying hard to catch the flight and were in a hurry to reach their destination.

Aside from their strange movements, however, you might not see something wrong with the video at first – until you look closely and realize that there was a steady stream of people going to the aircraft despite the fact that the jet bridge was not connected to the passenger terminal and its end was noticeably just hanging on the side, with no place for people to actually enter it! Creepy…

Screenshot from video by Richard Ker / Facebook

Netizens really freaked out after watching the video, saying they could not imagine where all those people came from. Many wondered whether these ghost passengers actually came from flights that crashed in the past or if they were just spirits from another dimension.

But there were also many who believe that the video was fake, especially because the cabin had an eerie glow that could only be achieved by special effects. Also, the people were walking fast yet seemed to be similar to zombies!

Could this be a teaser to a horror clip? We’re not really sure but it did go viral, with Richard Ker’s uploaded clip gaining close to 11.5 million views within just a week!

Real or fake?

What is a Jet Bridge?

A jet bridge is a movable bridge that connects the airport terminal gate to the airplane, allowing the passengers to directly enter the aircraft from the terminal.