Video Captures Baby’s Adorable Reaction to Tasting Ice Cream for the First Time

Everyone knows that babies are super adorable. These tiny humans don’t even have to do anything but be babies for people to simply adore them! But there are also times when these cute little ones simply make us smile with delight as they do something really cute.

Let’s take for example little Blakely Jernigan from Lodi, California. This adorable 9-month-old baby recently made headlines across the world, with everyone loving her rather intense but cute reaction after tasting ice cream for the first time.

Photo credit: Brittani Jernigan / Facebook

Blakely’s mom Brittani Jernigan, 22, recorded the baby’s first taste of ice cream, but was surprised that the cute video would quickly go viral across various social media channels. She first posted this on TikTok but a lot of netizens would soon spread the adorable clip on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

This little star simply became an internet sensation as she made everyone laugh with her intense reaction to the sweet treat.

In the video, little Blakely got to taste a sweet treat from Baskin-Robbins. At first, she just looked at the ice cream before taking a small bite. But she loved the delicious ice cream so much that her eyes quickly grew big and she grabbed the sweet treat with both hands before digging in!

The adorable video went viral, but Mom Brittani said that her baby’s newfound fame was actually a stroke of luck. Unlike most parents these days, Brittani doesn’t really take a lot of photos and videos of her baby.

I honestly have no idea why I started recording. I never do stuff like that. My husband was giving her bites, so her back was to me, but I heard him laughing at her faces, and he gave her a lick of the ice cream. I was like, ‘Turn her around so I can see!’ And I was laughing and thought ‘I should record this,’” Brittani narrated.

It was really a good thing she took a video that day because she captured a gem! Isn’t she adorable?

What’s Baskin-Robbins?

Baskin-Robbins is American chain of specialty shop restaurants that specializes in ice creams and cakes. The “31” in the company’s logo stands for its slogan of having 31 flavors, with the idea of offering customers different flavors for each day of the month.