VIDEO: Adorable Puppy Gives Stamp of Approval to Upcoming Baby

Stephania Sayler, a soon-to-be-mom, wanted her puppy Junie to know that there’s a bun in the oven. With a new human baby sister on the way, mommy Stephania wants to make sure that the little pooch will approve of the tiny newcomer.

While many of us wouldn’t expect Junie to understand what her mom was trying to say, the pup actually blew us away a few seconds later in the video.

puppy approve

After having a small talk with her mom, it seems that Junie has given her stamp of approval to her baby sister in the most adorable way one could ever imagine!

Watch the video and find out if Junie is really ready to become a big sister.

Introducing your Baby to Your Dog

According to Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan, dogs can already sense something is about to change even at pregnancy. But even if the dog can pick up new feelings in the air, pet owners still need to make them understand what  the monumental event would bring to his or her life.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your pooch for the new arrival.

1. Work through your dog’s issues and unwanted habits.

You have nine months to establish yourself as a pack leader to your dog. You may hire a professional to work with you in order to have a calm and well-behaved dog at home.

2. Be aware of your emotions.

Keep in mind that whether you’re anxious, excited or worried, your dog will mirror your emotions.

3. Create respect for baby by claiming your baby’s scent.

Any item that has your baby’s scent such as a burp cloth or onesie will be useful in setting clear boundaries. Let your dog sniff it from a distance. According to Milan, this will help start the process of creating respect for the baby.

4. Put boundaries around the nursery.

Establish boundaries by conditioning your dog that there is an invisible barrier that he or she may not cross in the nursery. Later on, you may allow your dog to explore and sniff some items in the room with your supervision but also decide when your pet needs to leave. This process will enable your dog to know that the nursery must be respected at all times.

5. Allow the dog to sniff the baby at a respectful distance.

When introducing your baby for the first time, allow the dog to sniff the baby at a respectful distance. Keep in mind not to bring the baby too close.

Lastly, let your dog feel secure despite the new addition to the family by maintaining their routine.