VIDEO: This Adorable Baby Goat Loves to Slide!

Who said that only human kids can enjoy a slide at the playground or any kind of sloping surface for that matter?

While it is true that human kids do enjoy taking a slide down a sloping surface, goat kids do, too! Well, not all goat kids, of course, but there is this adorable video shared by Trending Pinoy Videos of a kid (a goat kid) taking a slide down the ramp in between two sets of stairs.

Skeptics might say that the kid had just accidentally slid down the ramp. Well, it is quite possible that it first happened that way; that the goat had stepped on that sloping ramp or perhaps tried to rest there but slid down, instead.

Screenshot taken from video shared by Trending Pinoy Videos

Screenshot taken from video shared by Trending Pinoy Videos

Yet it is quite clear in the video that the next sliding moments were not accidental at all because the kid kept sliding down the ramp then going up the stairs to slide again! Oh, yes! This goat kid really loves to slide!

We’re not quite sure where this video was taken but we’re sure this is one of the coolest goats we’ve ever seen! There might be others like him out there who have discovered the joys and thrills of sliding like a human kid does on the playground slide but this one truly steals the show…

Baby Goats are Called Kids

Humans have long given baby animals different names from their parents but somewhere down the line, they named baby goats as kids just as human babies are also named kids.

While many of us know that daddy or adult male goats are called billy goats, a lot of people are surprised to learn that mommy or adult female goats are called nannies – still similar to humans, right?

Watch the cool video of the baby goat sliding here:

Sinong nagsabing ang mga tao lang ang pwedeng mag enjoy at mag slide?

Posted by Trending Pinoy Videos on Tuesday, March 15, 2016