US Attorney Gets Bashed for “Do Not Adopt a Pit Bull” Ad

A lawyer in Beverly Hills, California recently angered a lot of animal rights activists and dog shelter groups after he sponsored an ad that urges people to not adopt a pit bull.

Atty. Kenneth Philips has posted the ad on Twitter where it had gained over 7.4 million views just a week after it was posted.

One of the worst issues is the intentional concealment of the breed of a dog, by official government shelters as well as rescue groups,” Philips declared.

He added, “I do this in Florida and all across the nation. I have been doing this for 25 years… I follow all of the major cases and study all the reports of deaths and disfigurements.

The ad claimed that pit bulls were the single breed that killed 75% of the people who were mauled to death in 2017. Many of the victims were children. The ad further claimed that pit bulls had killed 29 Americans in the same year.

Indeed, there had been a number of reports pertaining to pit bulls mauling and killing people not just in 2017 but also in previous years but many pit bull owners continue to defend the breed, saying that the ones to blame in these fatal incidents were the owners who abused their dogs and taught them to be fierce, not the dogs who only learned from their abusive owners.

Having a commercial like that, I feel like we take one step forward and 10 steps back with something like that. I thought it was filled with misinformation. I thought it was very discriminatory and I thought it was extremely unfair,” countered Jen Dean of Jacksonville-based Pit Sisters Rescue.

But while a lot of people slammed Philips for his ‘cruel’ post, many actually agreed with him and called for the breed to be banned. What do you think?