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‘Urban’ Biker’s Impressive Downhill Trip Goes Viral after Nearly Crashing into Students

A French ‘urban’ biker’s impressive downhill trip on his mountain bike goes viral after he nearly crashed into a group of students who were hanging out at the foot of a stair set in Bloise, France.

Photo credit: YouTube / FroFox

On his YouTube channel, urban biker and YouTuber ‘FroFox’ shared a video of him going on a downhill trip through the streets and stair sets in Bloise. Most of the streets were deserted and he found it easy to move through the steeply sloping roads and even the stair sets but his trip nearly ended in a trip to the hospital when he nearly crashed into a group of students.

Photo credit: YouTube / FroFox

In the clip, FroFox was going fast as he moved downhill, being carried by the momentum and aided by gravity. With most of the places he passed through being nearly deserted or with just a couple of people walking, he didn’t clearly expect that he would be blocked by a group of students at the foot of a stair set that came after a ‘blind curve’.

Photo credit: YouTube / FroFox

Unable to stop at this point without crashing, yet also without another place to go because a metal railing separates this part of the stair set with the other side, FroFox only got to shout a warning to the students even as he came barreling towards their spot.

Photo credit: YouTube / FroFox

A student sitting at the middle part of the steps stood up just in time and was saved from the bike. Only her bag got hit – and the urban biker was also safe as he landed rather shakily at platform. Whew!

Photo credit: YouTube / FroFox

The students were a bit shocked by the experience but could be seen laughing nervously as they realized what could have happened to them just a few seconds ago. The biker was also rather shaken but thankful that no one was hurt.

Watch the now viral clip here:

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