Unique Attraction Lets Tourists Take Spectacular Underwater Photos

Are you still not sure where you will spend your vacation credits in 2018? Well, get your passports ready because there’s an awesome attraction in Indonesia that should really be on everyone’s bucket list.

Located at Polanharjo Village in the heart of Central Java, Indonesia, Umbul Ponggok is shaping up to be the top destination in 2018, thanks to the spectacular Instagram-worthy snapshots tourists can take in its crystal clear waters.

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Viewed from above, you might not see anything extra special about this place as it could be just another water hole in some random Asian village but just take a dip and you might think you’ve entered a new realm.

Beneath the water surface are various scenes that you would normally find as ordinary on land but these take a whole new meaning when underwater.

Photo credit: Trip Advisor Reviews

It’s like visiting Atlantis but seeing a simpler yet still amazing version or perhaps you can imagine that even for just a few minutes, you are living as a mermaid in the deep blue sea…

Travelers have shared photos on Trip Advisor – and you’ll find awesome scenes like swings under the sea or even various types of vehicles like a scooter, bicycle, and motorcycle. We’re looking forward to seeing an underwater car, though. Perhaps they will add that sometime soon.

Photo credit: Trip Advisor Reviews

It is really fun to see how this place has transformed what could have been just ordinary scenes to us into a unique attraction under the sea. Also, placing it in the sea rather than at a man-made swimming pool makes the place more fun and attractive because tourists get to have their photos taken in the different spots while fish are swimming about.

Photo credit: Trip Advisor Reviews

Would you like to visit this place? I certainly do!

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What is Atlantis?

Atlantis is the legendary island that was supposedly home to an ancient civilization that sank at the bottom of the sea. It has been mentioned in various literary works but centuries of searching, even with modern equipment, have yet to produce any evidence that the island ever existed.