TRENDING PHOTOS: Do You Know These People? Someone’s Looking for Them…

Based on the latest trending photos on the Facebook page, it seems that the likers/fans/students of UST Files are searching for their crushes – but the catch there is that these people posted vague photographs that did not show the faces. It seems that the search would not be fruitful but this does not mean the search was in vain.

It all began with a guy searching for his crush whom he “met” while riding an MRT. He took a photo of this girl but, alas, her face could not be seen because a guy’s hand (perhaps his?) was covering her face from the angle the photo was taken. He posted various details about the girl from what he saw during that chance encounter but as luck would have it, the post did not help him find his crush but got the attention of some rather witty commenters.

What do you think of this picture and the most popular comments?

Somewhat a spin-off of the first photo, someone posted a picture of a guy who was holding a large black pole (as opposed to the slim silver pole the girl in the first photo was holding). Again, his face was hidden but whoever shared this photo was supposedly looking for him, to ask for his name. Hmmmmmm. This might look a little staged but this photo actually got more likes than the first one. Weird.

This third photo was the clearest of the three, did not appear staged, and was different from the two previous ones in that the subject was not holding on to a pole. Moreover, it did appear that the guy who shared the photo was your typical “torpe” who could not get up the nerve to ask for her name. I am actually rooting for him – and hope he finds this girl!

Do you think these people will really find the girl/guy of their dreams through these Facebook posts? Well, I am not so sure about it but I hope they do, especially the guy looking for the lady in the third photo.