Tough Dad Instinctively Saves His Daughter From Falling While Posing For A Photo

Parents are natural superheroes. Many videos have become viral showing how dad instincts are the best when it comes to catching kids whenever they meet almost-accidents, and what makes it even more viral is their poker face facial expression while saving their lives.

In situations wherein a child needs help, instant or not, they are always there to pick them up when they fall down– even literally. Thankfully, most dads have strong arms and quick minds to move as promptly as possible!

Earlier, a family went on a vacation mode and visited Yosemite National Park in California. Like any regular tourists, they took pictures and videos in almost all corners to document their visit.

It was dada and daughter’s turn to the head of the family took his child in front, knelt down on one knee while trying to keep his little toddler close to him for a photograph.

Fall 1


Just after moments of posing, the little girl unexpectedly slipped and fell backward but not quite because super dad was to the rescue.

Fall 1


Watch this awesome dude rescue his daughter just a second before she falls. While dad was focusing on the camera, his arm quickly reached out to the child, catching her at the right moment.
The child’s mother caught it in video and yelled, “I got it on video!”, right after the incident. They all just laughed it off and moved on pretty well.

The kid, still shocked by what happened, ran towards her mother and giggled! Her reaction was priceless as well. It a giggle you get from being confident and secured when you know that your family has your back at all times.

They posted the video on social media and wrote, “It was a scary moment, but as you can see we were able to laugh afterward,” they shared. “We are thankful for each other and our lack of injuries.”

Watch the heartstopping but cute video below:

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