Touching Video: The Best Example of True Love through Sickness and Health

Couples exchanging marriage vows before the altar promise to love each other for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, until they are parted by death yet for many these are mere words that are easily forgotten when the hardest trials come their way.

Perhaps, only those who have found their true love could truly say they can be with their wife/husband through whatever trials that may come their way.

In a viral video shared on YouTube by user cvcnow, a man named Bill tells the story of his love and courtship with his wife Glad.

They first met each other while Glad was still 8 years old. As the best friend of her older brother, Bill paid her no heed but noticed how the girl appears to have special feelings for him. He only saw her as his best friend’s younger sister until a day when she was 16 and he was 17. He could not forget that day. He could vividly remember her wearing an A-line dress and himself coming to a realization that he was madly in love with her!

He went on to describe how he would take a long bike ride every Saturday just so he could visit her. When they got married, he had the bikes fitted with carriers for the kids.

Growing old was not as sweet as they had expected. Glad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and Bill was soon taking care of her in ways he had not expected when they were still young yet he made a vow to love his wife through sickness and health – he was not compelled by this vow out of duty but because she is his true love!

Watch their touching story here:

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a progressive mental deterioration that often affects people above 65 years old yet there have been plenty of cases where early onset has been reported on people younger than 50.

Because the condition affects old people, the symptoms are often mistakenly believed to be merely part of the aging process. As the condition progresses, however, it becomes clear that the patient with AD is not just forgetting things due to old age but because of mental deterioration.

Patients with AD often start with short term memory loss but often lose old memories as the condition progresses. Most of them would eventually forget their loved ones, even their own partners and children.

Patients with advanced stages of AD are completely dependent on their caregivers as they are not able to perform even the simplest tasks and might have already lost the ability to speak.

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