Touching Plight of Disabled Vendor Who Continued Selling Under the Rain

While many of us enjoy the warmth and shelter of our homes or workplaces when it rains, there are people who have to contend with getting wet just so they could work and provide for their families.

This is the sad truth that many people in our society have to deal with – for example, there is this disabled guy who was photographed while he was selling sampaguita under the rain. This guy, who was not named, is already soaking wet and had to wipe off the rainwater from his face but he continued to sell his wares to the motorists, anyway.

Photos of this poor vendor were shared on Facebook by netizen Archel Cabanas; it was not surprising that his post quickly went viral and already gaining over 9,200 shares within 10 days after it was posted.

There are many things that inspired us in this post. Foremost is the fact that this disabled person is working hard despite the fact that it was difficult for him to walk because he only had one foot (and he was not even wearing slippers!). Moreover, despite the heavy downpour, he continued selling his wares in hopes that he will sell out all the sampaguita strings before the day ends – for the more he is able to sell, the more profit he is sure to gain for the day.

It is just so sad that this guy had to resort to selling his products under the rain when this could cause him to get sick! If he gets sick, then he won’t be able to sell; thus, he will have no income for days. Also, he would need money to buy medicines – which might be another problem because he is not able to work in those days!

Still, we commend this guy for his hard work and determination! We just hope that he can find another job aside from selling sampaguita in the streets…

Ung iba nag tratrabaho ng patas kahit umuulan gagawin ang lahat para my ipakain sa pamilya, pero ung iba pumapatay pa ng tao para lang makuha pinaghihirapan nila. God bless you kuya.

Posted by Archel Cabanas on Friday, November 13, 2015