Top Reasons Why Malunggay is Called a “Miracle Vegetable”

“Poor man’s vegetable,” this is the alias for malunggay before. Over the years, the vegetable gained a new label and it became “miracle vegetable”. If you are wondering how this vegetable became miraculous, then check these facts about malunggay.


Fact #1: It is Entwined with Affordability and Abundance

In the Philippines, malunggay seems to be everywhere except when you live in the cities. As a matter of fact, you can simply pick malunggay from your backyard or ask it from the neighborhood. If you prefer to buy, it is way too cheap. Though it is affordable, its abundance in vitamins, amino acids, and minerals is undeniable. You will get more in every gram of malunggay.

Fact #2: Bunch of Health Benefits

Malunggay renders a long list of health benefits. Inclusions to these are:

  • Prevents anemia for its high iron content.
  • Aids in increased production of milk for lactating mothers.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Malunggay slows down skin aging.
  • It improves semen count in men.
  • Malunggay improves eye sight as it contains high value of Vitamin A.
  • Improves sleep pattern.

Fact #3: Can be Used as Medicine

Malunggay is more than just food. As a matter of fact, it crosses the medical aspect by improving a variety of health conditions. Examples of illnesses that is addressed by the miracle vegetable are the following:

  • Heals inflamed joints and tendons.
  • Stabilizes sugar level.
  • It is used to treat asthma, headache, and fever.
  • Treats ulcers.
  • Malunggay can be used as a relaxant for epilepsy.
  • Malunggay tea prevents intestinal worms.
  • Alleviates high blood pressure.

The Miraculous Conclusion

Despite the size of the malunggay, the vegetable is packed with potential. It is indeed heaven sent for everyone because of its affordability and the things that it can do to every one’s well-being. Truly, the facts about malunggay prove it to be a ‘miracle vegetable’.