Top 5 Unforgettable ‘Firsts’ at Tree Top Adventure Subic

Have you ever thought of flying like a bird on top of a tree? What about those thoughts of falling 60 to 70 feet off the ground?

Creepy as it may sound for us first timers, but Tree Top Adventure will most likely test your inner adventurous side!

Tree Top Adventure is the very first theme park in Asia with motorized zip lines as well as their very own team building facilities catering to those thrill-seekers!

Just this February 2015, I was able to experience all extreme outdoor activity at Tree Top Adventure Subic together with friends. I was dropped from a tree, flew like superman, tried open cable car, and many more first time experiences!

tree top adventure 1

© Ace Paragoyo / Travel-facesandplaces

With this, here is my list of some unforgettable first time experiences at Tree Top Adventure Subic!

1. Free Fall at 60 feet off the ground

Until now, I still can’t believe I tried their Tree Drop activity and was dropped that high! I remember after the fall, all I thought was, ‘What did I just do?! Is this true?’

tree top adventure 2

© Ace Paragoyo / Travel-facesandplaces

For a first timer like me who never thought that I will try this kind of outdoor activity, my hands are still perspiring every time I remember all the screams I did, crazy and ‘deadly’ ideas I imagined, and that ‘I quit!’ moment!

And after some splits of seconds, I was already on the ground as the station assistant grinned with a smile because of my baffled and still-can’t- talk-face-on!

2. Fly Like Superman (Or should I say, Darna?!)

One of the best part of this Superman ride is you actually get the chance to fly with someone 100 ft more or less off the ground, scream together, and just talk about anything while flying on top of the trees!

tree top adventure 3

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3. Do the Parachute Fall (Over and over again!)

Yes! Over and over again! This Parachute Fall, which I thought was just like a piece of cake for me, is like the Tree Drop. However, after I was on top of the trees and suspended in the air 90 feet more or less off the ground, I felt like shouting ‘Guys, I think this is not right!’

And when I finally want to back out again, after some seconds, I am now in front of my laughing friends, singing like it’s the end of the world for me! Crazy, really!

tree top adventure 4

© John Cueto / larawanatkape

tree top adventure 5

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But what’s crazier is that I thought one fall is already enough. Little did I know that there are still a couple of drops and screams to be done! Talk about eternity! But this even made this ride more thrilling than ever!

4. Surf in the Sky (Yes, that’s awesomely right!)

Have you ever tried the thrill of surfing in Baler? Well I have never tried surfing there or anywhere, but what I tried is more than thrilling! — surfing in the air here at Tree Top Adventure!

tree top adventure 6

© John Cueto / larawanatkape

The most thrilling part here is when we stopped at some point and swung back and forth! It was like the waves when surfing!

tree top adventure 7

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What’s more engaging here as well is that you can let go freely. Yes! Forget the world by freeing your hands from grasping those tubes, and spread your arms wide open while tilting your body, 90 degrees!

5. Ride an Open Cable Car

This three seater cable-car-like Canopy Ride is one of the mildest motorized rides we tried here at Tree Top Adventure. You and two of friends, will just sit up there, enjoy nature and talk about anything.

But still, the thrill of being up 60 feet above the ground is still there most especially because it my first time!

tree top adventure 8

© Ace Paragoyo / Travel-facesandplaces

Here’s the happy team!

All in all, our whole day activity was full of fun and excitement! We all enjoyed the day together with friends all because of this extreme rides and most of all, the very accommodating, happy, and funny station assistant of Tree Top Adventure!

Have you also tried Tree Top Adventure Subic?  We want to know in the comments below!

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