Top 20 Unusual Uses for Honey

While honey is usually used as a delicious sweetener to tea or coffee, there are actually many different uses for honey as home remedies – and you can also try them at home.

As much as possible, buy natural honey instead of the commercial version but if you can’t get your hands of unprocessed honey, don’t stress yourself as the commercial one still does have a benefits for your body although it is still better to get the unprocessed and unheated varieties.

Here are the top 20 unusual uses for honey that you can try at home for you and your family.


1. Improving diabetes

Amazingly, honey helps improve diabetes despite it being sweet! Consumption of raw honey helps increase insulin and decrease hyperglycemia (high sugar levels in the blood).

2. Lowering cholesterol

Raw honey can help decrease your risk of developing coronary artery disease as it can lower cholesterol.

3. Improving circulation

Honey also helps improve blood circulation and strengthen heart muscles.

4. Improving digestion

If you’re feeling bloated, simply take a tablespoon or two of honey to feel better.

5. Combatting allergies

Seasonal allergies can be prevented with raw honey.

6. Relieving nausea

Feeling nauseous? Just mix some lemon juice and ginger with some honey to feel better.


7. Curing acne

Use honey as face mask for about 10 minutes to cure acne. Repeat use until acne is gone.

8. Exfoliating skin

Soak in a warm bath with two cups of honey for the first 15 minutes; then add one cup baking soda for the last 15 minutes. Warning: this is quite an expensive bath!

9. Moisturizing skin

Make a hydrating lotion using some olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, and a tablespoon of honey.

10. Promoting sleep

Can’t sleep? Feel relaxed with a tablespoon of honey mixed in a glass of milk.

11. Losing weight

If you’re struggling to lose weight, use honey instead of sugar in your drinks.

12. Reducing inflammation

The anti-inflammatory agents can help reduce inflammation.

13. Healing wounds

Topical application of raw honey on rashes, wounds, and mild burns can help promote healing.

14. Treating eczema

Find relief from eczema by covering the affected areas with a paste made from equal parts honey and cinnamon.

15. Relieving sore throat

Mix peppermint oil and lemon essential oil with some honey to relieve sore throat.

16. Curing UTI

The antibacterial properties of raw honey can help cure urinary tract infection fast.

17. As hair mask

Add 1 teaspoon of honey to 5 cups of warm water and use as hair mask to boost shine. Rinse thoroughly.


18. As shampoo

Honey is not just good for the hair, it can also restore the health of your scalp.

19. As prebiotic support

Raw honey helps promote good bacteria in your tummy.

20. As antioxidant support

Increase plaque-fighting antioxidants in your body with raw honey.

Source: Dr. Axe