Top 10 Free Online Courses You Can Take from TESDA

In the Philippines, the government offers a plethora of free courses through the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, best known simply as ‘TESDA’. What makes these courses even more exciting is that you can now study them in the comfort of your own home, thanks to the online courses being offered!

Learning a new skill and earning a diploma is now within your reach – even if you are studying for another course, have not finished high school, or even working in some other field not related to what you plan to take on TESDA. In short, there is no discrimination here as to what courses you can take and where you study to get them finished!

If you want to learn something new but not sure as to where to start or what to take, you can check out these top 10 free online courses we chose for you, in no particular rank or order. We’re hoping that one of these could help improve your life or jumpstart your career – or even help you start your own business!


10. Basic Computer Operation

In this age of computers, it pays to be adept in handling one; thus, this course is quite ideal for many people. While many young people laugh at the idea of taking this course, remember that not all are blessed with the resources to learn how to use a computer.

9. Cookery

If you wish to work in the food industry or even start your own business, cookery just might be the right path for you.

8. Food and Beverage Servicing

With so many restaurants and fast food chains sprouting here and there, it pays to be a step ahead of the competition for service crew by taking this course.

7. Cellphone Servicing

Virtually everyone has cellphones these days – what better way to earn money than to learn how to service these very useful gadgets?

6. Massage Therapy

In this busy world of busy people, relaxing is already considered a luxury by many; this is where you come in. After learning massage therapy, you can help these people de-stress and feel better while also earning money in the process.

5. Beauty Care (Nail Care)

With everyone too busy with lots of things, you just might earn good money after learning nail care at TESDA. Your friends and family will no longer head off to the salon to have their nails taken care of because you’ll be the one doing it for them – for a fee, of course!

4. Animation (3D DIGITAL)

Fancy a job as animator at Pixar or some bigwig company in Hollywood? Well, you are free to dream big but be content with learning how to create digital animation first.

3. Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3

Did you know that programmers and online developers are among the highest paid workers in many parts of the world? Maybe it is high time to change careers and join this roster of high-earning geeks!

2. Microsoft Online Courses

Microsoft is a giant in the computer world – what better way to learn something new and possibly earn than to study Microsoft online courses?

1. Ships’ Catering

There have been rumors and supposedly valid reports of a cruise line planning to hire tens of thousands of Filipinos. Since it’s not too late for you to apply there, you should best take this course to learn more about catering on ships – such course might come handy in the near future…

So, what free online courses are you planning to take from TESDA? Don’t forget to share your success stories with us… Good luck!

To start learning, check out this link on How to Enroll to TESDA’s free online courses.

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