Tired of Smelling like Toilet, a German Party Town Created Urine-proof Walls and Fences

Rude and unruly partygoers often lose their sense of decorum and end up peeing just anywhere they feel like emptying their bladder, without further thought of how the spot would smell afterwards.

In St. Pauli, a place in Hamburg, Germany, the bars are always filled with partygoers. The streets are still busy even late in the evening and in the wee hours of the morning.

The drunk partygoers, however, also trash the neighborhood by peeing anywhere they fancy despite toilets being available inside their hangouts. They don’t seem to mind the CCTV cameras placed across the district or the strict laws and sanctions implemented by Hamburg.

Photo credit: YouTube/IG St. Pauli

Photo credit: YouTube/IG St. Pauli

Tired of smelling like urine, the community takes matters in their own hands and enlisted the help of professionals to create urine-proof walls that would pee back on the person. Call it instant karma or street justice. Whatever. But it looks like the method works!

Here’s the video entitled, “St. Pauli Peeback”:


Liquid-repellent paint

Scientists and manufacturers have always seen the need to create liquid repellants which could be used for various products, especially in sensitive items like cellphones and cameras.

The technology has come a long way from the 90s, with some cellphones now being completely waterproof – there are even rumors that Apple is creating a waterproof phone!

As can be seen in the video above, liquid-repellent paint is already available and it looks quite effective! The idea of painting the walls with this paint was brilliant. The police no longer have to constantly be on the lookout for these rule-breakers while the neighborhood can finally get rid of the toilet scent.

How I wish the paint would be readily available and affordable in the Philippines, so we can also use it to paint several areas in the country to get rid of the foul smell of urine from disgusting people.

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