Tired Burglar Falls Asleep, Gets Caught by House Owner Who’s a Policeman

A tired burglar who fell asleep in the house he entered got caught after the house owner, who happens to be a policeman, noticed that the air conditioning at his daughter’s room was on. The owner’s daughter was not at home at the time.

Tired Burglar Falls Asleep in Policeman’s House

Burglars try to be as stealthy as possible when entering and leaving the house they are trying to burgle. After all, they are doing something bad and certainly don’t want to be caught entering a house or building with the intent of taking some valuables inside.

On Sunday, March 21, 22-year-old Khun Thot entered the house of B.E. Chiam Praset at around 2AM. Apparently, he tried to enter several houses in the neighborhood but Praset’s house was the only one he was able to open.

Photo credit: TV News Surin

But he became so tired with trying to enter so many houses that when he finally got inside Praset’s house and found an empty bedroom, the bed looked so comfortable to him. It was a mistake for him to turn on the air conditioning in the room because the house owner, who happens to be a police officer, soon realized that something was going on inside his house.

Photo credit: TV News Surin

Photo credit: TV News Surin

Praset knew that his daughter isn’t home but was surprised to hear the air conditioning inside her room. Opening the door, he found Thot fast asleep on his daughter’s bed, curled up beneath her blankets!

Photo credit: TV News Surin

The policeman quickly called for backup before waking the burglar who appeared disoriented upon getting so rudely awakened in the middle of the night. LOL. He still looked so drowsy and puzzled as the police officers swooped in to get him off the bed.

The young man is now facing trespassing and burglary charges.

Photo credit: TV News Surin

How to Keep Burglars Away from House

Burglars will always find a way to get inside a house but they are often deterred by these measures:

  • Make sure to secure the doors and windows
  • Light up the surroundings
  • Invest in security cameras
  • Put secure grills on windows
  • Eliminate hiding places by trimming hedges
  • Build a fence
  • Get a dog
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