This Young Man’s Mind-Blowing Tricks Will Amaze You!

Brilliant minds create awesome stuff! But the mind can be easily tricked, too!

In a video by a young man called Zach King, he creates superb illusions that had he glued on my seat. I had to watch the clip several times, in slow motion, just to try and determine how he was able to get all those tricks to work but I just could not comprehend how he did it!

The frames look awesome and his tricks would, perhaps, only be uncovered by experts in video editing. Of course, there’s always that chance that he is a real magician with awesome skills that would make David Blaine and Harry Houdini his fans!

We’re sharing the video here for you to enjoy…Tell us what you think of his awesome tricks.

Zack King, the Next Steven Spielberg?

Alright, Zach King does not claim he is a real magician who can do things to trick your mind but openly admits to using video editing software to create a “digital sleight of hand”. Though he has been posting videos on YouTube since 2008, he truly found a following in Vine.

As an avid fan of the movies, Zach also enjoyed creating his own. He even began creating movies while he was still 7 years old! His big break came in 2010 when he won first place in a Hewlett-Packard commercial contest. This landed him a trip to the red carpet at London Film Festival.

In 2013, his entry “Contest Entry Gone Wrong” earned him a spot on YouTube’s NextUp Creators contest which he later won! What a brilliant young man. He wants to follow the footsteps of his favorite filmmakers and hopes to become the next Steven Spielberg.

Here are two of Zack’s awesome videos on YouTube, belonging to his series about the Jedi Kittens: