This Unexpected Christmas Wedding Proposal Is Simply Epic

As with many special occasions, Christmas is a time for taking pictures – lots and lots of them, in fact. Besides, this is the season when families get together to celebrate. So capturing the moment through photos is definitely a good idea.

Tyne Owen wanted to take advantage of this perfect opportunity. What this awesome guy did was to ask help from Jamie’s family so he can propose to her in a very unique and romantic way.

Forming the word “Merry Xmas” with the shirts that they wore, the message eventually changed into “Marry Me.”

His girlfriend’s reaction, of course, was one of shock and surprise. Fortunately, she said “yes.”

You can watch the touching video here:

Uploaded by Kerry Langdon Down on YouTube, the video has proven to be a viral hit with close to 7 million views now.

Helpful Tips for Wedding Proposals

There are, of course, many creative ways to pop up the life-changing question. For example, there’s Set McMurry who made an “explosive” proposal where he and his girlfriend Cymber were shooting an action movie. Dean Smith, on the other hand, proposed to Jennifer with an elaborate 365-day video. shares several pointers for an effective wedding proposal.

According to their blog:

“Do test the waters: Before you propose, the two of you should have already spoken about getting married. Make sure marriage is something that each of you wants, and make sure you both agree on major issues such as children. This is a big question that shouldn’t come out of the blue.”

While you may have discussed marriage with your potential spouse, it’s important to keep everything a surprise.

“The marriage proposal itself can – and should – be a surprise. Find a moment and a way that she won’t be suspecting.”

And, of course, try to make sure that your proposal is special.

“Incorporate your personality, favorite things, hobbies, etc. into the proposal. Make it unique and memorable rather than a cookie cutter proposal.”

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