This Thai Insurance Ad Will Surely Break Your Heart

Several months ago, we’ve featured the touching ad entitled “My Dad Is A Liar” here in RachFeed. The video achieved viral popularity back then because of its powerful message.

This time, we’re featuring another beautiful Thai insurance commercial heart that’s guaranteed to crush your heart.

The video begins with a teacher telling her young students to draw a superhero they want to become. The kids excitedly jumped on the task and created different characters. They came up with interesting names and superpowers, with characters like Magnet Man, Time Freezer, Sound Wave, and many others.

One particular boy, however, drew something very unique. Pornchai’s illustration featured a character called Garbage Man. After the teacher discovered more about the boy and his unique superhero, she felt prompted to give him a grade of 10/10.

Watch the heartwarming video here and find out the real reason behind the artwork:

As with the above-mentioned ad, this video has likewise gained massive online fame, having received thousands of likes and shares all over social media sites.

The Importance of Life Insurance

Life insurance, of course, is very important for anyone who wants to have peace of mind and a solid financial future.

Terms and conditions may differ from one insurance company to another but for the most part, having life insurance coverage allows you to protect your family and loved ones, especially if they depend on you for financial support. In the event that the parent is deceased, life insurance allows them to leave an inheritance for their children.

Paying off debts will likewise be possible with the right coverage. Other benefits such as expenses related with funeral and burial costs may also be included. Your loved ones will not have to go through the worry of having to shoulder everything if you take advantage of life insurance.

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